Diary of an Apartment Investor

FDE - Achieving What You Want to Achieve With Dave Snehal

September 02, 2022 Brian Briscoe Episode 317
Diary of an Apartment Investor
FDE - Achieving What You Want to Achieve With Dave Snehal
Show Notes

Dave Snehal gives advice about achieving success and share his experiences with deals.

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This episode originally aired on September 2, 2022


Your host, Brian Briscoe, has been a general partner in 655 units worth $50 million and has been lead sponsor, asset manager, capital raiser, and key principal on these properties. He has developed a multifamily education community called the Tribe of Titans that helps aspiring investors learn the game, network with other like-minded professionals, and get their apartment investing business to the next level. He is founder of Streamline Capital Group, which will continue to acquire multifamily assets well into the future. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021.

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Dave Snehal

As a commercial real estate agent/investor, Dave Snehal currently serves clients located in Chicago and the surrounding western suburbs. Always holding client satisfaction as his highest priority, Dave works hard to make the acquisition or disposition experience as efficient, productive, and enjoyable as possible. Clients working with him never fail to appreciate his compassion, professional integrity and commitment to helping them achieve their goals.

Dave has extensive knowledge and experience that allows him to handle wide range of clients and situations. While clients are seasoned investors or new entrepreneurs, Dave is certain to provide them with a high level of guidance. Being native to the Chicago area, Dave is incredibly well-versed in the local market and always manages to find those hidden gems for his clients.

He values his clients and strives to build strong, lasting relationships that go far beyond business. He understands how much clients and their families put on the line when they invest in real estate. That’s why works closely with them every step of the way, making the otherwise overwhelming process, stress-free. Exemplifying passion for real estate and finding the right investments for his clients is of the greatest importance.

When Dave isn’t hard at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife Shelly and daughter Trinity. He has a passion for staying active in biking, hiking, running, and playing softball. He aspires to make an impact by donating time and resources to causes such as Habitat for humanity, DuPage Pads, and Packages4Patriots.


Learn more about him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/davesnehal/