Diary of an Apartment Investor

MFB - Education before investment

January 13, 2021 Brian Briscoe Episode 82
Diary of an Apartment Investor
MFB - Education before investment
Show Notes

What's the best way to learn the apartment investing business? 

Here's the link to our upcoming webinar on Jan 18th.  Or just navigate to our website, www.diaryofanapartmentinvestor.com, navigate to the "Upcoming Events" tab, and RSVP.

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Released Jan 13, 2021


Your host, Brian Briscoe, is a co-founder and principal in the real estate investing firm Four Oaks Capital.  His team currently have 485 units worth $21 million in assets under management and are continuing to grow.  He will retire as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021. Learn more about him and the Four Oaks team at www.fouroakscapital.com or contact him at brianbriscoe@fouroakscapital.com - be sure to let him know where you found him.

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